3 steps to season a new purple clay (zisha) teapot

3 steps to season a new purple clay (zisha) teapot:

1. Wake up the teapot

After cleaning the purple clay teapot, separate the teapot lid and body and put them inside a pot, add pure water into the pot and start boiling the water, after it is boiled, adjust the boiling power to low heat, and keep low heat boiling for another 15-20 minutes. It is very important that the boiled purple clay teapot cannot be washed with cold water immediately.

2. Moisturizing the teapot

Put more tea leaves inside the awaken purple clay teapot, fill it with boiling water, close the lid, and wait for 3-5 hours. This step is equivalent to test tea brewing.

3. Dry the teapot

Rinse the teapot with water to ensure that it is clean. Then fully fill up the teapot with boiled water, close it with the lid, pour boiling water on the teapot surface. After that, pour away the water and use a clean cloth to dry out the teapot surface, separate the lid and teapot body and let them being dried at a ventilated place.

 <Important reminder>

1. To start seasoning a new teapot, put the teapot inside the pot with cold water and let the water temperature goes up together with the teapot.

2. To make sure the teapot is completely soak inside the water. It is because the teapot clay will expand with the effect of "heat expansion and cold contraction", if there is part of the teapot area not soak inside the water, the difference of temperature may cause teapot cracked and damaged.