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Yixing Zisha Teapot [Octagonal Shi Piao 八方石瓢] (Tian Qing Ni - 200ml)

Yixing Zisha Teapot [Octagonal Shi Piao 八方石瓢] (Tian Qing Ni - 200ml)

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Teapot Name | 茶壶名称
【Name】Octagonal Shi Piao
【Author】Wu Wencai (National Craftsman)
【Place of Origin】Yixing City, Jiangsu, China
【Surface Craftsmanship】 Hand-carved
【Packing】Gift box
【Size】Total length: 12.5cm / Caliber: 4.5cm / Total height: 6.3cm
【Water Outlet】7 holes mesh outlet
【Clay Material】Raw ore azure clay
【Introduction】Shi piao is one of the classic shapes of the purple clay pot. It uses a triangular geometric pot body to show the tough and natural lines, and in the transition, it highlights the softness and beauty, the strength and the softness, and the charm. It is believed that most of the shi piao pots in the hands of pot friends are mostly round, but square ware is rare, because the craftsmanship is more complicated in the shape of a shi piao, and it also tests the artist's grasp of the shape of the vessel. "Eight" in Chinese culture symbolizes auspicious fortune, happiness and well-being. This shi piao is made from eight directions, and the overall shape is unified and coordinated through the transition and connection between straight and curved, and line and surface, showing tolerance.
【Brewing Advice】 It is more suitable for brewing cooked Pu-erh tea, old white tea, oolong tea, black tea, etc. It is recommended that one tea type served in one teapot.
【产地】中国 江苏 宜兴市
【包装】礼盒 (附:作者原配收藏证书)
【尺寸】总直径:12.5cm 口径:4.5cm 总高:6.3cm

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Farida Rasuleva

L'articolo molto bello, lo comprato per il regalo a mia amica


Great product


Great product made by 吴文彩

Soren Rudin

My very 1st Yixing teapot set and pretty glad with that was delivered in time and all are in good order. Am satisfied with the purchase. Thanks again !

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