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Yixing Zisha Teapot [Jingzhou Shi Piao 景舟石瓢] (Hei Jin Sha/Dahongpao - 240/210ml)

Yixing Zisha Teapot [Jingzhou Shi Piao 景舟石瓢] (Hei Jin Sha/Dahongpao - 240/210ml)

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Teapot Name | 茶壶名称
【Name】Jingzhou Shi Piao
【Author】Wu Wencai (National Craftsman)
【Place of Origin】Yixing City, Jiangsu, China
【Surface Craftsmanship】 Hand-painted
【Packing】Gift box
【Size】Black clay Total length: 14cm / Caliber: 5.2cm / Total height: 6.4cm
【Size】Dahongpao Total length: 13.5cm / Caliber: 5.2cm / Total height: 6.4cm
【Capacity】Black clay 240cc±10cc / daohongpao 210cc±10cc
【Water Outlet】7 holes mesh outlet
【Clay Material】Black clay / dahongpao
【Introduction】This pot fully grasps the essence of the shi piao pot, and the simple and fashionable style of Wu Wencai's works is once again reflected. This type of pot is ancient and clumsy, the line is simple and clear, and it is stable and generous. The pot made of pure purple old mud has a strong hand feel. The pot body still follows the ancient method of being small and large, and it is more stable to use. The spout It adopts a short and powerful straight cylinder shape, which makes the water flow more powerful. It is connected to the body of the pot with a hidden connection method without leaving traces. The pot button connects the two ends of the pot lid like a parabola, which is shaped like an arch bridge.
【Brewing Advice】 It is more suitable for brewing cooked Pu-erh tea, old white tea, oolong tea, black tea, etc. It is recommended that one tea type served in one teapot.
【产地】中国 江苏 宜兴市
【包装】礼盒 (附:作者原配收藏证书)
【容量】黑金刚 240cc±10cc / 大红袍 210cc±10cc
【尺寸】黑金刚 总长:14cm 口径:5.2cm 总高:6.4cm
【尺寸】大红袍 总长:13.5cm 口径:5.2cm 总高:6.4cm

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Regine Jakob

Die Kanne ist sehr sch'n gearbeitet aber ich h'tte sie mir doch etwas gr''er vorgestellt

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