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Yixing Zisha Teapot [Ribbed Jing Quan 筋纹井泉] (Tian Qing Ni - 160ml)

Yixing Zisha Teapot [Ribbed Jing Quan 筋纹井泉] (Tian Qing Ni - 160ml)

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Teapot Name | 茶壶名称
【Name】Ribbed Jing Quan
【Author】Wu Wencai (National Craftsman)
【Place of Origin】Yixing City, Jiangsu, China
【Surface Craftsmanship】 Hand-painted
【Packing】Gift box
【Size】Total length: 11.5cm / Caliber: 6.0cm / Total height: 7.2cm
【Water Outlet】7 holes outlet
【Clay Material】Raw ore azure clay
【Introduction】Begonia Xishi is a more difficult craft to make tendons. Not only does it require that the tendons to be made are clearly visible, but it must also be distributed equally. The pot shape is round, the body is concise, the upper part is converged and the lower part is plump, the soft arc transition is elegant, the spout and the handle are connected with the body naturally. The teacher chooses the raw mineral azure clay to make this pot, which makes it more blooming. Out of extraordinary brilliance.
【Brewing Advice】 It is more suitable for brewing cooked Pu-erh tea, old white tea, oolong tea, black tea, etc. It is recommended that one tea type served in one teapot.
【产地】中国 江苏 宜兴市
【包装】礼盒 (附:作者原配收藏证书)
【尺寸】总直径:11.5cm 口径:6.0cm 总高:7.2cm

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