How to maintain a purple clay (zisha) teapot?

How to maintain a purple clay (zisha) teapot

1. Keep it clean

To well maintain a purple clay teapot, we have to keep the teapot clean after used. Before we start nuturing a purple clay teapot, be sure to clean up stains on the teapot body and never let the purple clay teapot touching oily stuff, clean and remove the oily stains immediately if stained, otherwise the oily stains will be uneasy to remove if left for long time.

2. Way of tea brewing

When we brew tea with a purple clay teapot, the tea brewing process have to be carried out seriously, so that the purple clay teapot can better absorb the tea juice. The purple clay teapot will become more and more shiny after the number of times of tea brewing increased. When the body of the teapot is drenched with tea juice, you need to use a soft teapot brush to clean the tea stains, rinse with boiling water, and dry the teapot.

3. Teapot rest

After making tea for a period of time in the teapot, you should let the teapot rest for 3 to 5 days, and place it in a airy place to dry it. Let teapot body being dried completely, which will make the teapot more shiny like waxed over time.